Sō Newly Launched Side Dish – Crispy Kimchi Fish Skin!

PSA to all fish skin lovers! Sō has launched Kimchi Fish Skin with each crisp of fish skin in savory kimchi flavoring. Nothing but a kimchi explosion in every crunch! A perfect reason to have in every meal at Sō. We are issuing a warning! It can be highly addictive once you start, and you […]

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Sō All New Futago Bowl with Sea Clams Ramen & Tempura Mushroom Don!

Available at all Sō restaurants from 14 March to 30 April 2023, while servings last! Ready to double up with Sō? Introducing the ALL NEW Futago Bowl. Slurp on our savory Sea Clams Ramen while crunching down on the beautifully battered Tempura Mushroom Don, head over and grab a bowl! Top up a glass of […]

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4 Side Dishes Newly Launched!

Discover our all-new side dishes & complete your ramen experience in 4 ways! Goma Tofu, $3.50 – Refreshing cold tofu doused with fragrant sesame sauce, topped with dried bonito flakes & fresh spring onions for an added texture. Tori Nanban, $5.90 – A Japanese-style chicken karaage with a crisp exterior while succulent to the bite, […]

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